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Steve Wymore

Hello, my name is Steve Wymore.  After going to a christian college, I attended graduate school and took classes to get a master’s of Divinity degree, which was a three year program.  I especially enjoyed classes in counseling and conflict resolution and considered changing to the counseling degree program.

I was close to finishing when I got married and started working full-time, 50 hours a week.  Because of this full-time job, I flunked all my classes and had to withdraw from graduate school.  But I am blessed with a wife and three children.  I have enjoyed reading about and learning about marriage since before I got married.  I have read from many books on marriage, gone to a marriage conference (yes, with my wife), and four marriage cruises that all had special speakers on marriage.  Oh, and I have been married for twenty years to that pretty girl in the picture above with me.  That photo was taken at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.  I decided to add a spot below to put one of my favorite photo art pieces that I own.  Hope you like it. I also hope that you will find my website and blog of much benefit.  

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