Introduction "I Want A Beautiful Marriage!" Developing A Beautiful Marriage Is A ProcessMost couples usually enjoy an abundance of romance and fun before marriage, however, after marriage they soon experience conflict…

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Top Marriage Tips

Decide that your marriage is worth putting in some work to have a better marriage.Start reading a good book on marriage.  I suggest "Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts," by…

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Whatever Is Lovely

How To Make My Marriage Better "Whatever is lovely, . . . Think about these things."Phil. 4:8The Power of Exponentially Increasing the Good and the lovely?If you increase the good…

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Focus and Attitude in Marriage

Your marital happiness will be greatly affected by whether you focus on the good or the bad in your spouse. In the same way, your attitude, whether positive or negative, will determine what you see..

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What is Love?

What is Love? Love –Love may be the most misunderstood and and confusing word in the English language. What one person means by love is not often what another person…

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Romance and Mature Love

Mature Love is What A Marriage Needs   Instead of the traditional vows, which are, "till death do us part," more and more weddings start with the phrase, "as long as we both…

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