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It’s Not About Getting My Way

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A Beautiful Marriage is not about getting my way. . .

“…that the Father may be glorified.”   John 14:13   

It’s Not About Me

A beautiful marriage is not about getting my way, but rather finding our way together while submitting to the leadership of Jesus Christ.  If Jesus is not first, it will always be about me and my way.  And if this is the case, the brilliance and beauty that God intended for marriage will be reduced.  God’s beauty and glory will shine brightly in a marriage where both partners submit to God and put Jesus first, not themselves.  There is a book written by Max Lucado titled, “It’s Not About Me.”  The book points out our tendency to want to put ourselves at the center of the world and make everything about what we want.  But the sooner that we learn that God did not make us to live a self-centered life, the sooner our marriages will begin to shine more brilliantly in a dark and self-centered world.

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