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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful beach resort city for a romantic getaway, or a great place for a family vacation.

There are a lot of very enjoyable activities here that make it a premier location for a get away.

Puerto Vallarta has some wonderful hotels, some of the best are all-inclusive hotels that provide all meals in the booking price.  At the bottom of the page I offer my choices of what I think are the two best hotels in the area, considering what is most important to most people.

There are many things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  You can go on some day trip activities, like on a pirate ship, though this won’t be available until July 5th, because they are doing some maintenance on the ship.  For more information, see Marigalante Pirate Ship.

. . . or you may want to ride on an ATV, for a very good time.

You can check out a couple websites that I found for good ATV ride options if you would like.  The first is Nuevo Vallarta Tours.  Two others are Mi Chaparrita and Puerto Vallarta Tours.

There is also horseback riding

The best horseback riding option that I found is Nuevo Vallarta Tours.  A second is Rancho Mi Chaparrita

or the water park, Parque acuático Splash.

The street venders may be a good option for a few souveneirs.

And just below here is my first suggestion for a very good hotel . . . This is the Riu Jalisco, all-inclusive.

The Riu Palace Pacifico all-inclusive is a second hotel suggestion, which is very similar to the first hotel.  Both of these hotel suggestions are very close together.

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