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Honolulu, Hawaii

This wonderful location is famous for Waikiki Beach, the cresent shaped beach with palm trees and many large hotels. But the fine dining options and night life in the Waikiki neigborhood is also a big hit to tourists who come from all around the world to relax and enjoy this Hawaiian paradise.

A Beautiful Hotel On Waikiki Beach

This oceanfront location is wonderful and my top choice for a great stay in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

However, there is another great hotel that is also right on the famous and beautiful Waikiki Beach.  It is . . . 

The Royal Hawaiian.

As the name suggests, it does seem like a hotel for royalty.  They have a very elegant reception and gift area and the walk out to the beach is really amazing.  Ocean view rooms are a little more expensive than they are at the Sheraton, but take a look at the hotel through the link below if you think that you may want to consider this wonderful hotel.  It is the pink hotel in the middle of the photo below.

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