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Marriage Tips

  1. Decide that your marriage is worth putting in some work to have a better marriage.
  2. Start reading a good book on marriage.  I suggest “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts,” by Dr’s Les and Leslie Parrott.  You can get it at their website, or many other places.  For other good book suggestions, see my resource page.
  3. Take a top quality marriage assessment to start the discussion with your spouse about the need to work on a few areas.  I suggest taking the SYMBIS assessment that was put together by the authors of the above book and uses an acronym of the book title for the assessment title.  To learn more, click here, SYMBIS. I am a certified facilitator for the SYMBIS assessment.  This assessment is set-up for pre-marrieds and marrieds.
  4. Make a habit of quickly forgiving your spouse (and others).  Who was it that said that a good marriage is made up of two good forgivers?  It was Ruth Bell Graham, most well known as the wife of evangelist Billy Graham.
  5. Accept your spouse as is, with unconditional love, in a way that your spouse will feel loved for who they are now, not if or when they change to be like I would like them to be.

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